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My perception of beauty has been so distorted that i can no longer appreciate the aesthetics of life on the same level i used to.
Maybe this is a good thing, maybe not...but either way it's screwed up.
People i used to view as stunning are now just mediocre.
My personal view of myself has disingtregated to the point where i my self confidence is next to 0.
Narcassism is the crime of our society.

I remember watching a film when i was a little girl
[hollow man]
and there was a scene where this woman is raped by the protagonist,
the point of the matter is i remember thinking how beautiful i thought the actress was.
yet a sad thing happened.
the other day i turned on the television to see this film playing
and when this scene came up...i didn't feel the same way i used to.
i didn't feel as blown away by this woman as i once did.
The innocence of beauty has rotted away.

How fucked up is this?

Let's recap for a second.
To satisfy ourselves, because let's be honest we are all narcassistic screw jobs, we have to elevate to a new extreme

It's a new contest to stand out,
bright clothes...insane makeup...outlandish behaviour, attitude
too much is not even near enough.

so come on kiddies. If you'll rebel against anything then why not make it this.
At least you can validate it.

I'm the biggest fan of beauty, i'm infatuated by beautiful girls and boys. Im a freak like that.
I want to posess them, stick them in a museum for my twisted pleasure.

you can't fuck a perfect soul,
where's the glamour in imperfection.
there's no room for not good enough

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