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When you drink coffe for example; drink to WAKE UP
When you smoke, smoke to get CANCER;
& when you drink, drink to get DRUNK

It's about time we embraced life before it slips past us
come on...lifes too short to be cool.
I try and surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself
I think i spend way too much time online, hahaha.
but the thing is i'm not a huge party girl;
I always have somewhere to be...
just my mind won't be there even if my body is. I'm too laid back for the club scene, too sober for the drug scene, too lazy for the sportys scene.
so fuck it. im creating my own subculture

Choose Life

" Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs."

If paradise is a state of mind, then mine is chemically enhanced

But i am proud to say I've been clean for almost two months...

Some percieve it as a weakness, an absence of mind.

It's in my vocabulary. If something happens in your life, something that changes the way you see yourself and all around you...it's always there in there in the background.

Just waiting to trip you up.

I'm hooked on a subcultural revolution.

A revolution of mind over matter

It's my belief that this is the generation of internal war.

...& we're loosing.

I'm an advocate of Drugs, Violence and temporary insanity.
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